The approach to truth is always simpler than the retreat from error.

Essential Global Historical Timeline


(:     Essential Global Historical Timeline v0.05     :)
this chronology supercedes all other versions of history

0563 Siddharta Gautama born
0001 Denumeration of prior events is BCE
0070 Masada
0325 Nicaea
0476 Odoacer
0711 Moorish conquest
1066 Hastings / Halleys comet
1215 Magna Carta
1307 Jacques deMolay
1453 Constantinople / Gutenberg
1492 Ferdinand & Isabella
1517 Wittenberg
1543 Copernicus deRevolutionibus
1582 Gregorian calendar
1611 KJV
1623 1st folio
1648 Westphalia
1666 London fire
1694 William of Orange BoE
1717 Grand Orient
1743 Mayer Amschel Rothschild
1763 Treaty of Paris
1776 Adam Weishaupt
1789 French revolution I
1791 Catherine the Great establishes the Pale
1795 Partition of Poland
1803 Napoleon I sells Louisiana
1812 Retreat from Moscow
1815 Waterloo
1821 Metternich invades Naples
1830 French revolution II
1836 Jackson ends 2BoUS
1840 Damascus affair
1844 Disraeli publishes Coningsby
1848 Paneuropean masonic revolutions
1852 Napoleon III becomes emporer
1860 Alliance Israelite Universelle
1863 Banking act / Tsar sends fleet to US
1864 First international / Joly Dialogues
1865 Lincoln shot
1869 Promontory point
1871 Paris commune
1875 UK acquires Suez
1879 Trotsky & Stalin born
1881 Alexander II killed / Odessa pogroms
1892 Marcus Samuel
1894 Sino-Japanese war I
1897 1st zionist congress
1899 Boer war
1904 Russo-Japanese war
1905 Moscow revolt / Baku ablaze / Protocols
1908 Young Turks
1913 IRS / Federal Reserve / ADL
1914 Great war
1915 Lusitania
1917 Bolshevik revolution
1918 Brest Litovsk
1919 Hungary: 133 days / Versailles
1920 US depression: agricultural / Poland invaded
1921 New Economic Policy
1924 Lenin dies
1926 Socialism in one country
1927 Spirit of stLouis
1929 US depression: stocks
1930 Purges: 1st Stalinist / BIS Basle
1932 Purges: kulak / Alliluyeva dies
1933 US bankruptcy: gold confiscated / Ukranian famine
1934 Birobidzhan
1935 LMK Moscow metro / Nuremburg laws / Soncino talmud
1937 Purges: red army / Sino-Japanese war II
1939 Molotov-Ribbentrop pact
1940 may UK begins strategic bombing of civilians / Dunkirk
1940 aug Trotsky killed
1940 sep London blitz begins
1941 Lend-Lease Act
1943 Tehran
1944 Bretton woods
1945 feb Yalta / Dresden
1945 apr FDR & Hitler die
1945 jun UN charter
1945 aug Potsdam / Hiroshima
1945 dec Douglas Bazata
1946 Baruch plan
1948 Golda Meir in Moscow
1949 PRC Tiananmen square
1950 Inchon
1953 Stalin dies / Rosenbergs executed
1956 Hungarian revolution
1963 Executive order 11110
1967 USS Liberty
1971 US abandons gold standard
1973 US depression: petroleum
1974 Lindy dies
1976 Mao dies
1988 S&L debacle
1991 Highway of Death
1993 Waco
1995 OKC bombing
1998 ECB Frankfort
2001 Cambiat Omnia
2012 Mayan epoch


2 Bacons
2 Cromwells
2 Lindberghs
2 Oppenheimers
3 Napoleons
5 Warburgs

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So, what indeed *should* Americans do? v1.01


So, what indeed *should* Americans do? v1.01

I. Encounter the truth.

   A. Get away from everything that is manmade; it is all lies & corruption.
   B. Go to the woods & stay there every day for most of the day &/or night.
      1. Do not focus on your fear or helplessness.
      2. Focus on the energy of the living things growing around you.
      3. Draw strength from that which is clearly alive & living, not that which is dead & dying.
      4. Learn respect for *real* truths & learn what that respect feels like.
   C. Use the net to study history.
      1. Begin with the Federal Reserve. Come back to it periodically as you learn more.
      2. Study the Rothschilds, Warburgs, & Bolsheviks. Begin to understand "internationalism".
      3. Read the discussion between Edmond de Rothschild & Theodore Herzl 1896jul18.
   D. Use the net to study other things.
      1. Learn other languages (eg English).
      2. Acquire the equivalent of a highschool education (now impossible in public schools).
      3. Learn real skills: mathematics, economics, programming, &c. 

II. Avoid lies & MSM spin.

   A. Stop tolerating b***s*** in all its forms.
      1. Start with yourself. Tolerate nothing but the truth.
      2. Include everyone you know & everyone you meet. Do not accept patronisation or ignorance.
      3. View ad hominem vilification & suppression of discussion as deviance from the truth.
   B. Stop worshipping the suffering of others; particularly that of the ancestors of others.
      1. Suffering is universal; pay attention to your *own* suffering.
      2. True compassion for others will only arise when you stop ignoring your own suffering.
      3. Recognise the briefness of your existence (see next).
   C. Stop exposing yourself to *all* mainstream media products; you do *not* have the time.
      1. Stop watching TV & cinema & stop listening to the radio.
      2. Stop examining -- however cursorially -- all printed media no matter how nominally "local".
      3. If you fear being uninformed or nonconversant begin getting your info from the net.

III. Dispel myths. Propagate truths (eg):

   A. There are higher goals for mankind than wanton consumerism & the burning of petroleum.
   B. The US didnt enter WWI until 23mo after the Lusitania.
   C. In the Stalin / Kaganovich purges Jews killed more Jews than Hitler could have dreamt of.
   D. Germany & the US are victims of parasitism.
      1. Germany was *never* an empire; it was an economy.
      2. The US is *no longer* an economy; it is an empire.
   E. 911 was *not* an inside job, nor was it an Arab attack.
      1. 911 was a mossad operation enabled by Israelis in the pentagon & internationalist financiers.
      2. Americans inside the government -- including Dubya -- were given no choice but to watch.
   F. Rockefeller Oil was silent at best about the Iraq invasion.
      1. Iraq is not a war for oil.
      2. Iraq is a war because the blue stripes on the zionist flag represent the Nile & the Euphrates.
   G. The issue confronting Americans is not addressed by taking positions on Israeli politics.
      1. Registering AIPAC as an espionage organisation of a foreign country is not the issue.
      2. Apartheid & other facts on the ground in the IOT are not the issue, thankyou Mr Carter.

IV. Go ahead & love your country without hating anyone else.

   A. Stop killing & stealing, particularly when paid to. War is always wrong. Period.
   B. Recognise what makes this country great without embracing an ethnocentric ethos.
      1. Constitutional guarantee of elections -- albeit utterly fraudulent -- for the forseeable future.
      2. Port Arthur mentality will not carry over despite ignorance of the 2nd amendment.
   C. Stop making meaningless choices.
      1. If two political parties are indistinguishable, prefer neither.
      2. If two truths are indistinguishable, choose the one reflecting more love.
   D. Prepare for a genuine discussion confirming the definitions of "citizenship" & "nationality".
      1. The issue confronting Americans has nothing to do with "ethnicity" or "patriotism".
      2. The issue confronting Americans concerns dual citizens in the US government apparat.

V. Produce good fruits.
   A. Love people; even those who have chosen the wrong path.
   B. Remove stumblingblocks laid before the blind; this includes yourself.
   C. Create works of art.
      1. Accomplish unique works which promote greater awareness & safety.
      2. Accomplish mass-produced works which serve to break the final global media monopolies.
         a. Publish truth on the web.
	 b. Distribute original music on CDs.

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Hello world!

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